Welcome to The College Blog, the latest creation of college admissions/financial aid expert, Reecy Aresty, author of the critically-acclaimed parent/student manual, How To Pay For College Without Going Broke, the only book of its kind available in Spanish.  If you have a younger brother or sister, send them to www.TheHighSchoolBlog.com  and also www.PaylessForCollege.com


If you’re  college bound, in college or graduate school, or you’re a parent or grandparent with one or more students, then this is the place to be for the most up-to-date financial aid information on how to legally reduce the cost. If your financial aid package is unappealing and you’d like us to appleal it, then contact Reecy at:

reecy@paylessforcollege.com – his successes are legendary!


For those students about to graduate – have we got great news for you! How’d you like to have one of the shrewdest negotiators in the country on your side when it comes time to negotiate a job offer?  If we increase your offer by $1,000 or less, you pay us nothing. For increases of over $1,000, we receive a small commission, but only if you accept the position.


Who – High school, college, graduate students, their parents and grandparents, and students looking to transfer.

What -The most up-to-date financial aid information on how to legally reduce the cost, and what to do if you’ve been shortchainged by the financial aid office.

Reecy says – “The money to send your son or daughter to the college of their choice is available – paying is the easy part!”



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